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Why should you use us?

HR is for the people, not the paperwork. That’s why we've partnered with BambooHR: the online Human Resources Information System (HRIS) that makes time for the work you were meant to do. But change can be hard. So here’s our promise: BambooHR guarantees your success when changing from spreadsheets to our intuitive online HR software.

Spreadsheets just can't compete.

Our expert implementation team will have you freed up from spreadsheets in no time, and totally in love with your job again. Imagine having all of your employee data secure in one location and accessible in seconds. From anywhere. In beautiful reports. Your employees can access their own data, too, so they won’t take your time to take time off. And when was the last time a spreadsheet sent you an anniversary reminder?

Not too big. Not too small.

As a small company, we know how challenging it can be to find solutions and pricing that fit. So we’ve created a flexible core HRIS system and pricing model that adapt to your changing needs. And we’ve packaged it in the most user-friendly way. That’s why BambooHR is so refreshingly simple to use, yet so incredibly powerful.

  • Track time off, training and benefits.
  • Customize the fields, tables and tabs.
  • Create your users groups.
  • Integrate with other services like applicant tracking and payroll.

HR software doesn't get any easier.

Technology can be clunky. We get that. So we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Transitioning to BambooHR software is easy. Using it is easy. And loving it is easiest of all. Especially when you need visibility across multiple locations. Or custom tabs and instant reports. Because they’re all just a few clicks away.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

With live HR advice through HR On-Demand, you can take advantage of unlimited consulting with our team of certified HR Pros, who answer more than 11,000 HR questions a year.

Plus, you get access to the HR Support Center, the industry’s leading online solution for all of your HR compliance and employee relations needs. From Health Care Reform and employee leaves to hiring, termination, wage & hour issues, and more, we can help.

Let us focus on your HR needs so you can focus on building your organization.


Simplifying Health Care

  • Access to all benefits and a personal health advocate service makes actually using those benefits easier than ever
  • Connects with the best and most effective health products
  • Reward employees for their efforts at being healthier, right within the app

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