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The HealthCare Solution Extends the Notion of what Employee Benefits are...

by reinventing the shopping experience to make it more like what employees are used to from their everyday lives. This makes it extremely easy (and fast) for HR administrators and employers to deploy and operate.

App Store

  • Easily load up plans from any carrier or choose from the pre-stocked products.
  • Build a virtual library of products and package together offerings.

Benefits Strategy

  • Can handle group, individual, senior products all within the same environment.
  • Supports different contribution strategies, including defined contribution and defined benefit.
  • Payroll reporting that takes both pre-tax and post-tax deductions into account.

Decision Support

Our lifestyle-based packaging is easy-to-understand and gets rid of the typical "decision exhaustion" methodology of the past, providing more refined decision support at key points in the process and educational videos to help employees choose the right products for them.

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